SCA Round 4 – Sydney Motorsport Park

October 3 2019

The last weekend of September saw the Stock Cars Australia show at Sydney Motorsport Park for Round 4 of the season.

This weekend was special, the field was almost as big as the Power Tour fields in 2001 and it introduced newcomers and the return of experienced racers joining the regulars of the series.

Thankfully some of the action was captured by Rochana Booth and the video was uploaded to Stock Cars Australia and they sound fantastic and you can see it below.

Steve Coulter, Trevor Crisp, Graham Booth and David Hender made returns to the series with Steve Coulter being drafted in to drive the #19.

A broken input shaft ruined Trevor Crisp’s return with the Dodge a withdrawal after Friday’s first practice session.

Corey Gurney, Danny Burgess and James Burge made their debuts with Gurney in a GTA and Burgess and Burge in OzTrucks.

Luke Wall and Stephen Langley joined the invitational field by fielding a Holden Monaro and a BA Falcon.

Zac O’Hara, Brett Mitchell, Robert Marchese and Michael Heppleston continued on being the regulars.

There were four races on the program with James Burge having the perfect debut by winning all four races from Brett Mitchell and David Hender.

Corey Gurney scored fourth place finishes in each of the four races and Zac O’Hara had some close finishes after finishing .172 behind invited sedan driver Luke Wall in Race 2 and finishing ahead of Graham Booth by .175 seconds in Race 4.

The OzTruck’s are definitely the stock car of choice this season with Brett Mitchell and James Burge being easily ahead of the competition, perhaps some Elephants are needed to be on the back of each truck next round.

As mentioned earlier, Winton is next and perhaps this will be the round a Ford joins the party and makes it a five manufacturer series joining Chevrolet, Holden, Dodge and Pontiac though if you want to be technical General Motors and Dodge.

The #41 Ford might not be ready in time for Michael Heppleston to drive at Winton and therefore the car will have to make its debut next year but the #1 VT Commodore is expected to be back at Winton.

Don’t forget AUSCAR racers that if you got a car, you can enter it and the same goes for OzTruck, NASCAR and GTA owners.


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