V8 Stock Cars Drivers 2001-02

The V8 Stock Cars only ran the one full season before partially running a second season before it came a halt but despite this short running time, over twenty drivers answered the call to drive in the series including past champion George Elliot, the Wanless brothers in their Fords and Barry Blake in the #7.

George Elliot
Graham Elliot
Tony Southwell
Dick Howe
Todd Wanless
Dean Wanless
Duncan Bain
Mark Harrison
Andrew Miedecke
John Maultsaid
Barry Blake
Martin Borrows
Drew Kruck
Peter Nolan
Rodney Crick
Chris Templer
Rusty French
Nigel Benson
John Woodlands
Doug Moss
Bob Middleton
Neville Haley
Gerry Brooks
Tony Edwards
Sam Dale

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