V8 Stock Cars Results (2001-02)

Here are results from the 2001 and 2002 V8 Stock Cars seasons.

The series is remembered for being under the Power Tour though all of the involved series retained their unique identities.

There can be some confusion as a drive.com.au article states there were six rounds and eighteen races and Autosport reports five rounds but it was six rounds however Round 1 is considered an exhibition round so Autosport is also correct if as they didn’t count the exhibition round.

The old Power Tour website was discovered to have been partially archived, this allowed us to verify details of the 2002 season.

All information was sourced from Natsoft, the Power Tour website and Motorsport.com and it is highly unlikely that Natsoft’s timing is wrong on any race so there is great confidence in the below information.

2001 Season

Round 1 – Mallala (exhibition) – Race 1 on YouTube – (Andrew Miedecke won Race 1, George Elliot also won a race, one race unknown)
Round 2 –  Oran Park – all three races were won by Andrew Miedecke
Round 3 – Queensland Raceway – Miedecke won Race 1 & 2, Tony Southwell won Race 3
Round 4 – Oran Park – won by Dick Howe (Race 1) and Miedecke (Race 2 & 3)
Round 5 – Winton – Qualifying and Round 5 2001 – won by Miedecke, French and Miedecke.
Round 6 – Calder Park – QualifyingRace One, Race Two, Race Three – wins by Miedecke, Howe and Southwell.

Miedecke championship report by drive.com.au

The report on drive.com.au is slightly inaccurate as based on all the articles, Andrew Miedecke is known to have won no less than eleven races and possibly a twelfth out of the eighteen races not fourteen out of eighteen.

It is believed that either Andrew Miedecke or George Elliot won the missing race at Mallala, this because the commentator at Queensland Raceway said “the first or second man I should say to beat Andrew Miedecke across the line” when Tony Southwell won Race 3 at that track.

2002 Season

Oran Park – QualifyingRound 1 2002 (All won by Andrew Miedecke)
Mallala – Qualifying and Round 2 2002 – Miedecke won Races 1 & 3, Templer won Race 2
Queensland Raceway – Race 1 & Race 2 won by Rusty French and Andrew Miedecke (Race 3)

The Power Tour officially ended on July 29th 2002, this is from the archived website

As of Monday 29th of July 2002 the Motorsport Promoters Group will no longer actively participate in Australian Motorsport.  An announcement has been released to all tracks and category managers stating that the 2002 Power Tour has now concluded owing to a wide range of factors which include low numbers in certain categories, a contracted sponsorship market and non payment of fees to the MPG by certain parties which include a NSW track and several categories from the Power Tour.  Rising fees and a lack of forward direction in the sport in general has left the MPG with no other path to follow at this time except to close the door on this chapter of it’s history.

Had the Power Tour not collapsed the season would of looked like this after Queensland Raceway

Calder Park July 19-21
Barbagello August 23-25
Wakefield Park September 27-29
Winton October 25-27
Oran Park November 23-24

Victoria Trophy for Super Trucks (race listed as V8 Stock Cars)

This race was held on the same weekend that the Power Tour was planning on going to Winton before it was closed down.

Five cars turned up for the racing with four taking the green flag, Bob Middleton won Race 1 and Chris Templer won Race 2 and 3.

Winners in a season

2001 season
Andrew Miedecke
Tony Southwell
Rusty French
Dick Howe
George Elliot

2002 Season
Chris Templer
Andrew Miedecke
Rusty French
Bob Middleton (if counting Winton 2002)

All time Driver wins

Andrew Miedecke – 17 wins
Rusty French – 3 wins
Tony Southwell  – 2 wins
Dick Howe – 2 wins
Chris Templer – 1 win (three if counting Winton 2002 x2)
George Elliot – 1 win
Bob Middleton – 1 win (if counting Winton 2002)

1 race winner unknown – Mallala 2001.

Pole Positions in 2001
Mallala: Tony Southwell
Oran Park: Andrew Miedecke and Andrew Miedecke
Queensland Raceway: Tony Southwell
Oran Park: Andrew Miedecke and Andrew Miedecke
Winton: Andrew Miedecke and Andrew Miedecke
Calder Park Raceway: Tony Southwell and Andrew Miedecke

Pole Positions in 2002
Oran Park: Andrew Miedecke
Mallala: Andrew Miedecke
Queensland Raceway: Not listed

Last Manufacturer winner 
Ford: Dick Howe at Calder Park Raceway
Chevrolet: Andrew Miedecke (Queensland Raceway) or Chris Templer (Winton)


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