NASCAR on the Gold Coast (2018)

October 22 2018

While lots of people around Australia were eager for the Gold Coast 600 race to run for Supercars, a bunch of race fans were eagerly awaiting Scott McLaughlin and Fabian Coulthard taking turns to demonstrate a NASCAR around the track.

In the early to mid 1990’s (with an additional visit in 1999) it was not uncommon to see NASCAR’s and AUSCAR’s giving the former Indy Grand Prix layout a crack year after year and the car casualty rate was pretty high in the early going.

Fans who watched the GC 600 on Foxtel got to watch the demonstration whilst Channel Ten viewers on the weekend got a few seconds and a twice shown segment showing Fabian Coulthard at his home talking up a variety of subjects.

There are two videos going around, one with commentary and one with just pure car sound, the latter is available (for now at least) below.

It was nice seeing a NASCAR on TV again as the only NASCAR action of any kind that we get on a regular basis is Stock Cars Australia who have two NASCAR’s in their possession with a couple possibly coming in later.

Supercars are having talks with NASCAR to have some sort of racing action but if they can’t go to the Gold Coast then perhaps some of the other tracks scattered across Australia could be interested in their services.


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