The Little Game – Update

May 12 2018

Work continues into trying to make an AUSCAR/NASCAR game.

A big problem is trying to make round corners, you see Game Maker art is made up of pixels (squares) so a corner is not a true corner.


As you see, the corners are angled, the two red strips are checkpoints but you don’t see them in the game, the strip at the bottom hides the finish line which is visible in the game.


The cars above are version 2, these are one pixel wider on the sides, the roof is smaller as well and you can now see a bonnet.

More work will likely needed to be done on these cars but the pixel issue is the major sticking point as it doesn’t give us a lot to work with.

So far there is #27, #11 and #17 with #55 and #5 still being worked on as they were built as version 1 vehicles.

It is an easy game, keep holding the up key and then turn when needed but we’ve kept the opposition cars on a line so tight around the track you only got openings with quick reflexes mostly around the sharp corners.

That’s it for now.


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