The Points After Round 1 2023

Here is the points situation after the first round of the 2023 season.

Scott Nind – 160 points
Danny Burgess – 140 points
Josh Hourigan – 135 points
Robert Marchese 133 points
Zac O’Hara – 127 points
Laurence Mckinnon – 122 points
Mick Heppleston – 117 points
Richard White – 99 points

Consistency pays, Scott Nind swept the weekend therefore got the maximum of 160 points.

Richard White had a strong opening round, unfortunately he had a DNF in Race 3 and that cost him a bundle of points and positions, that highlights the risk of having a DNF or a DNS in the series.

Twenty-three points separate second from seventh, the biggest gaps between positions are twenty points between first and second and eighteen points between seventh and eighth.

We could be in for a season where the leader board changes race by race and that is only a good thing for the category, the fans and the generally curious.

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