The Great Things About Stock Car racing in Australia

What are the great things about Stock Car racing in Australia at this present time? There’s actually quite a lot going for it at the moment.

The Vehicles – You could see one or more of a Ford Thunderbird, a Chevrolet Lumina, a Chevrolet Monte Carlo, a Pontiac Grand Prix, a Holden VT Commodore car that was made for Stock Car Racing, a Ford Mustang, a Ford Falcon and a Holden Commodore that raced in AUSCAR too and don’t forget that there’s also a half dozen OzTrucks and the GTA cars too.

The Muscle Division caters for cars like a BMW and Ford Falcons of different models plus more, it is a handy division for the Stock Car drivers for some take a car along to potentially race in the division if their Cup car or other vehicle is out of action.

The Sound – You got to love the mix of Cup Cars, OzTrucks, GTA, AUSCAR and the Muscle Division cars all out on the track.

Motorsport fans love their sound, and the field produces plenty of sound, it is going to get plenty of attention at Calder Park when the cars race the circuit for the first time since 2002 as it is like a homecoming or old home week.

The People – The people in Stock Cars Australia are those who would do anything they can to make sure that their fellow competitors feel welcome, and they would also do whatever they can keep a fellow competitor racing if trouble arises during a round.

The Stock Car Australia family has been growing every year so there are new people to meet almost all the time.

The Variety of Tracks – Sydney Motorsport Park, Winton Raceway and Calder Park Raceway are all having a round in 2023, this gives people a choice of tracks over the year and hopefully soon Wakefield Park will come back to life, there’s also the possibility of expansion should all continue to go well.

The Action РThere’s always something happening in the field, the battle of the Cup Cars, the battle of the OzTrucks and Muscle Division action meaning that there are races within races.

Streaming and TV time – A couple of rounds will be on TV and on YouTube this year, the Hi-Tec Oils Super Series (formerly AMRS) is now going to be on Facebook, SBS and Fox as well as YouTube.

The big difference about this year’s coverage to last years is that the racing action won’t be confined to just live streaming on Sunday and a TA2 dominated highlights package on 7mate a few weeks later with the racing now expected to be live on TV and on Speedweek, the focus will be on TA2, but all other categories get their fair time in the sun.

Summing up there are a minimum of six good reasons to follow the action in 2023 so join in the fun today by visiting Stock Cars Australia.

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