Calder Thunderdome Classics #1 Review

December 4 2022

The Calder Park Thunderdome Classics DVD is an almost four hour long video containing great racing action from the Calder Park Thunderdome way back in the early 90’s.


Plenty of champions met the wall or other cars at the Thunderdome.

Brad Jones dominated the series by winning five championships but it wasn’t a walk in the park as it seemed to be as he had to go up against the likes of Marshall Brewer, John Faulkner, Mark Seaton, Greg East, Jim Richards and more.

The first race is the 1990 AUSCAR Classic where Greg East, Brad Jones and Mark Smedley were Holden’s best hopes while Mark Seaton and Gregg Hansford challenged in the XF and EA model Falcons.

The second race shown was a five lap event and this was an event that would be shown on Sportsworld back when Channel 7 aired the racing.

The third race is the 1993/94 season opener where Brad Jones and John Faulkner were fighting hard for the win and the race could of gone either way as cautions did play a part in strategy.

Sometimes the Channel 7 team would talk to Brad Jones under caution, while ESPN used to do this all the time with the Xfinity or Cup drivers, they most likely didn’t have their driver looking at the camera time to time while talking.

Australian NASCAR

In the first race, the Americans came to town for the NASCAR Christmas 400 with the likes of double Winston Cup champion Terry Labonte and popular drivers Ken Schrader and Dick Trickle vying for top honours against the best that Australia had to offer like Allan Grice and Robin Best.

Viewers may be interested in the way the Thunderdome worked to dry the track as a whole range of vehicles were sent onto the track to give it a crack, this was truly the era before the jet driers.

The second race is the NASCAR National 100 has the likes of Steve Harrington, Robin Best, George Elliot, Trevor Oliver, Terri Sawyer, Terry Fisher and Terry Byers vying for the win and this race was one of attrition as several competitors cars were wiped out or were hampered by damage and mechanical issues.

The last race was a five lap race and it went down to the wire as those lucky enough to participate in the race gave it a real hot go, featured in the event were the likes of Walter Giles, Barry Graham and George Elliot.

HQ Holden

This race is the only HQ race on the DVD and it is a thrilling one though it is perhaps the most heartbreaking one as Fiona McDonald and Robin Keitey along with Mick Webb, Michael Wood and others raced the elements and themselves in a bid to win the twenty lap race.

Of course I won’t tell you who won or how it ended but if you’ve never seen the race before and there is a good chance you haven’t or at the very least haven’t seen it in several years then you are set for an entertaining race from start to finish.


This DVD will leave you hungry for more action from the Thunderdome, it is great that they put in races from all three categories so everybody could see the best of all three worlds.

Thankfully there is a second DVD is now selling with more Thunderdome action, it is a shame that we won’t be able to see events like Eastern Creek or the Gold Coast as they were aired by other networks and are not part of the Channel 7 archives.

Purchase your copies here.


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