Action at Calder Park

It may have only been a ride day but this ride day at Calder Park had it all including a HQ Holden, three AUSCAR’s and a Sportsman.

Rain all week threatened the chances of the day taking place but it stayed away to allow the great mix of days to take in the Calder Park Raceway and Calder Park Thunderdome layout.

The above HQ Holden video shows not only the #22 Holden Commodore of Lukas Gates but also the #6 Falcon of Troy Perichon.

You get a good look at the #6 in action as it stayed in front of the HQ for awhile and that was a good thing to see.

The #6 and #22 appear in the above video from Motorsport Fan and you can also see the #09 Sportsman belonging to AUSCAR Racing FB group admin Brad Hall in action.

It is always good to see life on the Thunderdome, sure it’s not the halcyon days but the place gets used, people get to create memories for themselves and hopefully more runs will happen and Calder Park returns to being a busy place that serves motor sport for years to come.


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