The 2021 ASCC Season So Far

September 23 2021

We are currently under covid delay in the Australian Stock Car Championship for 2021 but the silver lining is that owners have been putting the delay to good use by tuning up their vehicles for the next round, it is just a question of whether the next round will be in 2021 or at the start of the 2022 season.

So let’s recap on what we’ve found out so far this year.

Corey Gurney is a contender in the #43 Pontiac GTA, Corey won Pole in the season opener and shown that he had the speed to beat Brett Mitchell but was narrowly denied in the races.

Brett Mitchell is currently undefeated in 2021, Brett has won all five races (Race 3 of Round 2 was a no result) so far and his win total for the year cannot be beaten if they do manage to race late in 2021.

It was almost four from five instead of five from five for Brett Mitchell

Race 3 of Round 1 proved that lap consistency is key, Brett Mitchell had the fourth fastest lap of that race but he was the one who won the race.

Stephen Chilby missed the first round due to mechanical issues that struck just after the end of the 2020 season and Round 2 was about getting his OzTruck in order as covid restrictions cut out events like ones in Thunder Sports that would have fine tuned the championship winning OzTruck.

Robert Marchese and Danny Burgess shown that their OzTrucks have good speed, Danny did score the fastest lap in Race 3 of Round 1.

Stock Car numbers are growing, Greg Morris, Brett Morris and Scott Nind have raced in the series this year and with Mick Heppleston moving into his #41 Ford Thunderbird and David O’Hara expected to reappear in the #1 Holden Commodore sometime in the near future, that brings that possible entry total up to six Stock Car entries and that number could even be higher.

If all six race then it may be the first time since Winton 2002 that a race in Australia has featured five or more Stock Cars.

The Invite field is strong too as the series looks to be heading into combined double figure numbers for rounds which means more interest especially when sharing a race bill with popular series.

AUSCAR owners are still a while away from entering the ASCC but Lukas Gates in his #22 Holden Commodore and Cole Davis in his #77 Ford Falcon are making progress in the development of their cars.

Sudden wet weather does not mix well with the ASCC as Race 1 of Round 2 had a staggered start as competitors had to scramble to be race ready thanks to a downpour that occurred just before the cars left pit road and forced the lunch break to be taken early.

The ASCC field looks great in night conditions, it was a shame that a wreck and a tight schedule deprived viewers and spectators of a race under lights.

So that’s what we’ve found out from that racing action this year, hopefully late in the year we’ll get another round in but if we don’t 2022 looks mighty fine at the moment and we’ll see what happens then.


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