The Story of the #43 Pontiac GTA

Those of you who know about Stock Cars Australia and their Australian Stock Car Championship know that Corey Gurney races the #43 Pontiac Grand Prix GTA.

The #43 was originally an ASA car and was then converted over to road race where it taken part TransAm and GTA racing in the United States, it raced as the numbers #63, #17 and #12.

For those who like the finer details, The chassis was made by Howe and the Clips are Port City/Randercar and it was originally bodied as a Toyota Camry.

After some time as the #63 Camry, the car got a body change and was now a Pontiac Grand Prix where it continued on into the future as the #17, #12 and the #43.

It came over to Australia as the #12 Pontiac and it was soon renumbered #43 complete with a paint scheme that replicated the famous Petty Enterprises STP sponsored cars.

Corey Gurney then purchased the car and went about joining Stock Cars Australia and their Australian Stock Car Championship.

Corey made his Australian Stock Car Championship debut in September 2019 at Sydney Motorsport Park and finished fourth in all four of the races.

Covid caused havoc with Australian motorsport and the 2020 ASCC season was disrupted, Corey managed to appear in one of the three rounds that were able to be held and he finished third twice and fourth twice.

In 2021, the #43 was given a makeover with sponsorship dominating the car and the Petty colours made way for a predominately yellow paint scheme with grey and black in parts.

The #43 had a great opening round of the 2021 season and it almost achieved the rare feat of a vehicle other than a OzTruck winning a race in the ASCC while the second round was a mixed bag with Corey’s weekend ending after a collision with a TA2 Mustang.

The #43 would be sidelined for the rest of 2021 after the incident and Corey would return to contest four of the five rounds of the 2022 season with his season ending with an eighth-place finish at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Corey is sitting out the 2023 season but is not lost to Stock Cars Australia as he is helping out friends with their cars when not being a great family man.

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