Greatest AUSCAR Driver (1988-1999)

Like the Stock Car poll we posted earlier, this one is all about the drivers who won AUSCAR titles.

This one will be controversial as there is no John Faulkner as he did not win a title but it would most likely be agreed that he is the greatest driver to not win a title.

The Drivers

Tony Kavich is the forgotten man of AUSCAR, sometimes the short 1988 season is left out of conversation about championships, other times Jim Richards name is in the 1988 spot but Tony Kavich did win the 1988 title ahead of Jim Richards by the slim margin of two points.

Brad Jones won five titles in a row and his departure from the series after title #5 probably relieved the rest of the AUSCAR field but he didn’t have it easy all the time, Steve Harrington fell 13 points short in 1989/90 and Terry Wyhoon fell 16 points short in 1993/94 in a time that at least six drivers could win a race.

Marshall J Brewer became the third AUSCAR title winner when he won in 1994/95, he started racing in the 1988 season and he won races in both a Holden and a Ford, he also went to Stock Car racing in the late 1990’s.

Terry Wyhoon won the 1995/96 AUSCAR title and eventually made his way into Stock Cars where he became Ford’s best hope in the #25 BP sponsored Ford Thunderbird and he could of won a title had the Thunderdome not shut down.

Matthew White won the 1996/97 title and was very happy about it when Channel Ten shown his in-car camera as he crossed the line, he now has a team in Super 2 (MW Motorsport) and it is a team that has a reputation for winning.

Darren McDonald came through the Sportsman ranks to get to AUSCAR and then won himself a championship in 1997/98 in his #44 Commodore.

Leigh Watkins is the only AUSCAR driver to win a championship driving a Ford and he done it in the 1998/99 season in his red #47 Falcon, his title was well deserved after a decade in the sport.


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