Eddie Woods #55 VL Commodore

Eddie Woods’ car was easy to spot during the early years of AUSCAR as it was pink which stood out in the crowd of colours such as white, red, yellow and blue.

Unfortunately the car’s few appearances so far on YouTube are for the wrong reasons such as mechanical issues or having a meeting with the wall.

Eddie Woods.png

Eddie Woods finished 32nd in the 1989/90 season, 38th in the 1990/91 season and 24th in the 1991/92 season.

His #55 may have gone on to race in the Sportsman division after its days in AUSCAR as it had a different engine and wing to its AUSCAR days before being used in sprint races and other formats for several years.

Eddie returned to AUSCAR racing in the 1998/99 season driving a VR Commodore and in particular qualified 14th in Round 2.

Eddie made an appearance in the 1999 Bob Jane T-Marts V8 300 which put AUSCARs together with Future Tourers, he was partnered with John Agosta in the #5 VP Commodore and they finished in 12th position.

His VL Commodore still exists and is in the hands of the founder of Facebook group AUSCAR Racing.

The car now has a 304 in it with no EFI as the car previously had a 253 that gave up the ghost some time ago.

There are plans to restore the car and add it to the growing list of AUSCARs that cut laps on track days on tracks around the country.


1989/90 – 32nd with 77 points
1990/91 – 38th with 203 points
1991/92 – 24th with 324 points


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