View from the inside.

October 8 2019

Have you ever wanted to watch an onboard video of an OzTruck in action?

Now you can thanks to four time SCA race winner James Burge as a camera recorded the action as he drove his #711 Chevy Silverado around Sydney Motorsport Park.

2 minutes and 8 seconds in you will hear the OzTruck start to accelerate to take the green flag and at 2 minutes 16 seconds he gets away to a great start and there is no doubt that many will appreciate the sound.

Viewers get a good look at his hands as he works through the gears and making adjustments through corners for example a quick turn of the steering wheel to the right when going through  a left turn.

This video really shows prospective OzTruck racers how to drive one of these beasts around a track and with this video lasting 17 minutes, it is more than enough time to get people thinking about the final SCA round of the year which is at Winton on November 15 to 17.


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