Stock Cars at Albert Park 1999

August 7 2019

It was the weekend of the 1999 Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park and the Stock Cars were back in front of a big audience and that included TV with several races on the program.

22 Stock Cars taken the green flag of Race 3 which was an eight lap race with Kim Jane just in front of the pack through the first corner and he quickly got a couple car lengths ahead of Jim Richards who was in the #2 Monte Carlo.

It wasn’t long before one car got into trouble as it got pushed wide and went straight into the sand trap at turn one.

Peter Nolan in the #47 Thunderbird that was painted like a car from Days of Thunder then spun around but he was able to get going again.

Gene Cook locked it up the next lap but he was able to continue in the race and Perry Schubert was then seen dropping some sort of fluid on the race track.

Jim Richards assumed control of the race on Turn 14 when he passed Kim Jane on Lap 2.

Kim Jane wasn’t going to give up and he hounded the back of Jim Richard’s car for several laps.

Lap six saw Kim Jane once again challenge for the lead but he couldn’t slow down enough before Turn 1 and he had to go through the grass giving back the lead to Jim Richards.

Meanwhile Eddie Abelnica and Terry Wyhoon were fighting for third spot and Neville Lance done a little offroading at the end of the main straight in his Ford Thunderbird while he was trying to catch and pass George Elliot.

Terry Wyhoon’s bid for third place came unstuck as he spun it and knocked a bundle of tyres onto the track but he kept going, Eddie Abelnica who was just ahead of Terry also went off the track on the same corner and skipped across the sand before regaining control.

Jim Richards won comfortably from Kim Jane with Eddie Abelnica finishing in third, Terry Wyhoon’s spin didn’t cost him fourth place and behind him was George Elliot in fifth and Neville Lance in sixth (credited on TV as M. Lance).

Thanks to Motorsport AU, you can watch the entire race (laps lost for ads) below.


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