#17 under restoration

April 2 2019

Tony Southwell has got his #17 back and he has grand plans for it.

Right now the car is bare bones but it is expected by March 2020 to be a lean, mean, speeding on flats machine pursuing speed records.

Stock cars and flats are not uncommon in Australia as the #33 has recently been seen doing it and it has great possibilities for those seeking speed records.

Tony has been in stock cars since the late 1980’s and by 2001 he was challenging Andrew Miedecke for wins and taken victories at Queensland Raceway and Calder Park.

Stock Cars Australia is hoping that the #17 will make appearances in their series at some point which would be a major boost for the category to have a race winning car competing with a championship winning car in the #27.

To check out the latest developments, visit TSR Race-Shop “Yarwood Browning”.


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