Australian NASCAR winners

List also includes winners from the V8 Stock Cars (Power Tour), some Australian NASCAR/Stock Car wins were based on overall points scores from several ‘Lightning Strikes’ races as well as parts or heats.

This list is being worked on so please be patient.

Bob Middleton
Dean Wanless
Tony Southwell
Richard Howe
Andrew Miedecke
Rusty French
Chris Templer
Robin Best
Max Dumesny
Allan Grice
Kevin Schwantz
George Elliot
Gregg Hansford
Terry Labonte
Jim Richards
Morgan Shepherd
Kim Jane
Terri Sawyer
Neil Bonnet
Terry Fisher
Rodney Combs (13/10/91 and 1/2/92)
Fred Seery (27/1/90)
Terry Byers (15/10/89 and 21/4/91)
Charlie O’Brien
Brad Jones
Gene Cook
Barry Graham – first win October 1994

Parts/Heats/Lightning Strikes only winners up to 1994/95 season

Ian Thomas
Dick Johnson


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