The little game

April 13 2018

World of AUSCAR is a hobby and so is game designing and so while making an open wheel top/down game, some NASCAR’s were made for amusement and put into the game and they didn’t turn out too bad.

The game premise is simple, a person gets to drive the #27 at least at the moment and they get to take on the #5 and #55 in separate races.

The opposition is not AI so the car is run on a path but it is designed to make passing difficult over the five lap race.

One of the difficult parts of making even such a small game is that everything you see is made up of pixels so it is harder coming up with the perfect car etc and so concessions have to be made.

As you’ll see in the first two pictures, the numbers are the right way up but on oval tracks they are actually upside down so the third picture reflects the change.

To have them upside down, you draw the numbers and words the right way up then rotate the image so it is upside down.

Maybe in the future, coding will improve to allow AI racers and more cars on the track making it a more enjoyable game.

NASCAR Game.png


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