Darryl Speers

(still under construction)

Darryl Speers started racing AUSCAR’s from the second round of the 1988/89 season and continued on racing until the category came to a sudden halt in the 1999/00 season.

The July 1988 edition of Thunderdome mentions Darryl racing against the clock to make his debut in the June 26th, the story mentions that he was a young mechanic who acquired a body shell from Reg Hunt in February 1988 with Dave Weatherhead putting the engine together.

Darryl finished 26th in points in 1988, 8th in 1988/89, 20th in 1990/91, 21st in 1991/92, 28th in 1992/93 and 22nd in 1993/94 according to the 1994/95 media guide.

The #31 was seen at Wakefield Park for many years where people could pay to drive it or be driven in it.

The #31 popped up again in 2017 as it was spotted among a bunch of AUSCAR’s lined up in a row at Winton.

In 2018, the car was declared purchased and it was then restored and put on sale for $8500.

The fuel tank, boot spoiler and the fuel pipe/dry break connection rear quarter to tank were listed for sale in 2022.

Lukas Gates purchased the car and brought it home in December 2022.


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