AUSCAR race winners

This entry lists all AUSCAR race winners in no particular order of when they recorded their win(s).

This list will be updated as more details of AUSCAR seasons come to hand.

Terri Sawyer (27/2/88)
Kim Jane (28/2/88)
Steve Harrington (first win 10/12/89)
Brad Jones (first win 30/10/88)
Mike Oliver (11/3/89)
Marshall J Brewer (first win 5/5/90)
Steve Richards
Jim Richards (first win 25/6/88)
Terry Wyhoon (first win 25/4/92 – 5 lap race)
John Faulkner (first win 22/3/92)
Watkins Win
Leigh Watkins
Garry Rogers (19/3/94)
Matthew White
Bruce Williams (first win 25/4/92)
Darren MacDonald
Pretty Win
Nathan Pretty (Round 5 of the 1996/97 season – Autopro 150)
Mal Rose (14/8/88)
Jason Wyllie

Eddie Abelnica

Won part of a race or a heat

Mark Seaton
Allan Grice
Brad Jones
Jim Richards
Terry Wyhoon


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