1988 AUSCAR 200

AUSCAR for the very first time raced at the Calder Park Thunderdome in the AUSCAR 200 race in February 1988.

Greg East taken the first AUSCAR pole position after recording a 33.20 second qualifying lap ahead of Terri Sawyer who recorded a 33.52 lap time.

The race gave fans the perfect taste of AUSCAR racing as the lead changed hands many times with Steve Harrington, Terri Sawyer, Kim Jane and Max DeJersey among those who led the field in the race.

Terri Sawyer taken the lead with two to go before Greg East spun through the infield to bring out the caution on the final lap handing Terri Sawyer the win from Kim Jane and Max DeJersey.

Qualifying Time

1. Greg East                  33.30
2. Terri Sawyer            33.52
3. Michael Oliver        33.56
4. Kim Jane                   33.67
5. Steve Harrington   33.69
6. Mal Rose                   33.90
7. Graham Smith        34.02
8. Mike Freeman         34.09
9. Phil Brock                 34.57
10. Archie Robertson   34.75


1.Terri Sawyer
2. Kim Jane
3. Max DeJersey
4. Phil Brock
5. Graham Smith

One thought on “1988 AUSCAR 200

  1. Researching history of sportsman vl 05 last known race at Calder ( Tony Castleman) programme available.Any info on history would be great.


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