The Champion’s Journey – 2022

Brett Mitchell has taken out the Australian Stock Car Championship title.

How did he do it? Let’s take a look back at his season.

Round 1 at Sydney Motorsport Park

Race 1 – 2nd

Second place to start off the 2022 season behind the #226 of Stephen Chilby.

Race 2 – 3rd

Stephen Chilby wins two in a row and Danny Burgess finishes second, his highest finish.

Race 3 – 2nd

George Kulig takes home a win in his Monte Carlo.

Round 2 at Wakefield Park

Race 1 – 4th

Stephen Chilby bags his third and final win of the season

Race 2 – 4th

Scott Nind wins an Australian Stock Car Championship race for the first time.

Race 3 – 3rd

Brendon Hourigan wins his first Australian Stock Car Championship race.

Race 4 – 4th

This round saw the emergence of Scott Nind and Brendon Hourigan as race winners and suddenly the championship was not a two driver race.

Round 3 at Sydney Motorsport Park

Race 1 – 1st

Brett gets his first win of the 2022 season.

Race 2 – 2nd

Scott Nind wins the race and starts to make gains on the championship leaders.

Race 3 – 1st

Second win for Brett and he further eats into the points lead that Stephen Chilby had on the field.

Race 4 – 2nd

This round is where it started to come together for Brett as he and Scott Nind started to take wins, Brett had taken the points lead from Stephen Chilby in the final race of the round.

Round 4 – Winton

Race 1 – 1st

Rain lashed Winton and it forced the majority of the field to sit out the race.

Race 2 – 1st

Weather conditions improved and the #8 OzTruck racked up another win.

Race 3 – 1st

Brett’s race almost ended when before it began when he ended up pointed the wrong way and in the grass on the formation lap but a short tow got him going again and he eventually claimed the win from a wet track loving Richard Herring.

Brett Mitchell moments after crossing the start/finish line to claim the 2022 title

Race 4 – 2nd

It was fitting that the weather improved for the championship finale and while Scott Nind won by 4.1 seconds, Brett had a big enough points gap on Robert Marchese and Scott Nind to win the championship.


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