AUSCAR’s are coming home

October 15 2022

Cars that competed in AUSCAR in the 80’s and 90’s are returning to Calder Park this Sunday to cut laps on the Calder Park Raceway/Calder Park Thunderdome layout.

The #6 and #7 Ford Falcons, the #22 Holden Commodore and the #09 Falcon from the Sportsman days are going to be doing the action which takes in the majority of the Calder Park Raceway circuit and the majority of the Thunderdome.

It has been many years since so many AUSCARs were on the same track with ride days at Calder Park and Wakefield Park being the best opportunities to be around more than one AUSCAR and they didn’t have four running at once.

It is hoped that after they are run at Calder Park, all the cars or at least two of them will compete at Winton in the final round of the 2022 Stock Cars Australia season.


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