ASCC Round 2 2022 Preview

May 4 2022

Last week was pretty cool seeing the OzTrucks of Brett Mitchell and Stephen Chilby on TV along with George Kulig in his souped up GTA, it was much nicer than the YouTube footage of the same event though hopefully next time the AMRS people will stick on a SCA run race too.

Now this week we’ve got Round 2 action at Wakefield Park and first up we’ll take a look at the standings.

114 points – Stephen Chilby (#226 Oz Truck)
109 points – Brett Mitchell (#8 Oz Truck)
100 points – Robert Marchese (#84 Oz Truck)
98 points – Scott Nind (#16 Cup Car)
94 points – Corey Gurney (#43 GTA Stock car)
90 points – Zac O’Hara (#27 Cup Car)
69 points – Danny Burgess, (#7 Oz Truck)
59 points – Aaron Hills, (#75 Cup Car)

So the points are nice and tight at the top and one unlucky race or weekend can cause somebody to fall into the clutches of the pack and a good weekend could push somebody up from the pack to the front.

The weather is currently expected to be a bit on the chilly side, a maximum of twelve degrees on Saturday and a maximum of fourteen on Sunday with cold mornings anticipated, it will be interesting to see where on the schedule that the races land on.

There’s fourteen entries for this round at Wakefield Park and they are broken down into the following;

Five OzTrucks
Four Stock Cars
Four Muscle Division Cars

Brendon Hourigan is in the #51 OzTruck, Brendon’s OzTruck has a good history as it was raced in Queensland by Lachlan Gardner who won a stack of races in it before he moved on to drive other fine machinery in our fine nation.

Stephen Chilby and Brett Mitchell are at the top of the tree but if SMP was any indication, they may find themselves with some company in their bids for wins which may throw open the championship.

Danny Burgess and Robert Marchese had a great round at SMP and hopefully their form continues and make things really interesting, don’t forget that Robert chased down Stephen Chilby and almost passed Brett Mitchell for a second place finished and Danny had a second and a third that weekend too.

Gregory Morris loves Stock Cars Australia so much that when the #34 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and the #97 Pontiac weren’t available for this weekend, he decided that he is going to hop into the #97 Holden to compete in the Muscle Division.

Muscle Division has double the cars this round with Andrew Grosse also joining in the fun in the BMW E24 to join Rod Gurney, Laurence McKinnon and Gregory Morris in the field.

Mick Heppleston is back with the #41 Ford Thunderbird, Zac O’Hara of course is racing, Aaron Hills is back for more and Scott Nind who found a lot of speed in the #16 Ford Mustang at Sydney Motorsport Park could do what has rarely happened and that is beat the OzTrucks.

Corey Gurney is the sole GTA driver in the field for this round but the #43 Pontiac is a contender when everything comes together, just remember the Gurney vs. Mitchell battle last year at SMP, just one good lap was the difference.

So there’s a lot to look forward to at Wakefield Park and I hope that people living nearby get to see the racing action as it is getting bigger and better with every round.


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