SCA 2020 Season Finale Report

November 23 2020

Stock Cars Australia went to Wakefield Park on November 21 and 22 for the final round of the 2020 season.

Covid cost the category a couple of rounds as border closures and rules made it difficult to hold races but the series still managed to race at Wakefield Park (pre-covid), Sydney Motorsport Park and back to Wakefield Park (post-covid) to make it a three round, twelve race season.

Stephen Chilby won Pole with a time of 1:05.0985 ahead of Brett Mitchell and Danny Burgess in the newly repainted #7 with sponsor Monique Building Design on the hood.

Brayden Willmington on his SCA debut put his VZ Commodore in fourth position with a best time of 1:07.5949 followed by fellow newcomer Matt Drane in the VK Commodore who clocked a best time of 1:08.3636.

Robert Marchese, Derrick Hocking and Michael Heppleston completed the grid with the round possibly being Michael’s last round in the FJ Holden as he is planning on being in the #41 Ford Thunderbird next season.

Race 1

Stephen Chilby won the race from Brett Mitchell and Derrick Hocking with Stephen picking up the fastest lap of the race with a lap of 1:06.0865.

Brayden Willmington retired after seven laps and Matt Drane retired after completing one lap while Robert Marchese did not complete a lap but he was back in action for Race 2.

Race 2

Race 2 was second verse same as the first for Stephen Chilby and Brett Mitchell as they finished 1-2 but it nearly wasn’t the case as Brett got real close to the lead before a spin killed off hopes for victory.

Robert Marchese recovered from his DNF to finish third with Brayden Willmington in fourth, Danny Burgess in fifth and Michael Heppleston would of been classified sixth if not for a retirement after seven laps.

It was a close one for fastest lap as Stephen Chilby clocked a best of 1:05.8908 with Brett Mitchell clocking a lap of 1:05.8997 just .0089 seconds behind Stephen.

Matt Drane and Derrick Hocking were non starters and while Derrick was back in action on Sunday, Matt Drane was sadly out for the weekend in his VK Commodore due to mechanical failure.

Race 3

Stephen Chilby got an excellent start and was soon on his merry way by clocking laps as good as 1:05.4679 by Lap 4.

Brayden Willmington was looking good for a podium before he went out of the race on his fourth lap bringing out the caution, it was shaping up to be a good battle between himself and Danny Burgess before his retirement.

The restart did not produce any changes though Stephen Chilby dropped the hammer to record a last lap of 1:05.1261 to win comfortably ahead of Brett Mitchell and Danny Burgess.

Race 4

The final race of the season saw seven cars take the green flag and Stephen Chilby got off to a great start yet again.

Brayden Willmington’s race ended after completing a lap, Brett Mitchell retired on Lap 4 as his tailshaft quit on him just after posting his fastest lap of the race and Derrick Hocking retired after completing five laps.

Danny Burgess was comfortably ahead of Robert Marchese before the margin suddenly closed up before Danny steadied to take second by under three seconds, the closeness of the two OzTrucks could be seen by their final lap with Danny clocking 1:07.6934 compared to Robert’s last lap of 1:07.6898.

Stephen Chilby comfortably won to clean sweep the weekend and end the season with 11 wins from 12 races.


Stephen Chilby – 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st
Brett Mitchell – 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, DNF
Danny Burgess – 5th, 5th, 3rd, 2nd
Robert Marchese – DNF, 3rd, 4th, 3rd
Michael Heppleston – 4th, DNF, DNF, 4th
Derrick Hocking – 3rd, DNF, DNF, DNS
Brayden Willmington – DNF, 4th, DNF, DNF
Matt Drane – DNF, DNS, DNS, DNS


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