1988 Xmas 500 – The Race

March 22 2020

Last December we started writing about the 1988 Xmas 500 and then forgot about it as Stock Cars Australia got interesting so the past taken a back seat.

Then last night, there was a new post in AUSCAR Racing from Peter Hunter, Peter posts there quite frequently but it usually USA stuff which may or may not interest people because it is not the local Stock Car scene.

This time he posted something from Australian NASCAR and it was something of great interest, the 1988 Xmas 500.


Americans dominated qualifying with only Dick Johnson getting into the Top 10 by getting the ninth spot.

Harry Gant, Sterling Marlin, Dave Marcis (pole sitter), Johnny Rutherford (former Indy 500 winner), Michael Waltrip and Morgan Shepherd were some of the Americans who participated in the event.

Shepherd vs Marlin was the best battle of the race with Marlin having racecam to bring the action nice and close to the viewers.

Jim Richards hopes of a good showing ended when his seat gave him back problems and he was replaced by Michael Waltrip whose #30 Pontiac had a mechanical issue.

Best second hand looking car went to Johnny Rutherford after his #31 was sliced and diced by his team after he ended up in the wall required lots of work.

For those who haven’t seen the race, we won’t say who won but do watch the above video link to watch the race.


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