OzTruck Bonanza

OzTruck fans have been spoiled for choice in the last couple of weeks as videos have been uploaded to YouTube full of action.

The latest video is of Brett Mitchell’s weekend at Winton when he participated in the Thunder Sports Cup series.

Brett had a good weekend with one third place finish and two fourth place finishes out of the four races that he had participated in.

The second video sees James Burge in action as he drove his OzTruck in hot pursuit of Stephen Chilby’s #226 OzTruck in Race 4 at Wakefield Park and viewers got to see him make great passes and a lap record being made.

The third video is of Lachlan Gardner in action at Queensland Raceway as he battled forĀ  a win.

This video is from Race 4 and viewers of this one will find it to be an epic if they haven’t already seen it as it is fiesta of clean battles.

Three different OzTrucks, three different tracks and the winner in all this is you as you get to see some great action from three different OzTrucks on three different tracks.


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