HQ Holden – Round 6, Race 2

November 28 2019

AUSCAR and NASCAR racing at Calder Park Thunderdome was exciting but then organizers decided some more excitement was needed and so the HQ Holdens were brought in as a category.

Action was guaranteed as the racing resembled action at Daytona with close racing with cars either being nose to tail or three or four wide plus lots of spins thrown in the mix.

There are a few races on YouTube thanks to Bob Hepburn and one of them is this one from the second race of the sixth and final round of the season with Australian NASCAR champion George Elliot joining Gerald McDornan in the commentary booth for the 14 lap race.

Bob Hepburn’s #44 carried the on-board camera and viewers were immediately rewarded with action as his car took a hit but he kept on going.

Seconds later, Bob was almost taken out when two cars got together beside him and the collision sent one into his path but once again he survived.

Moments later in the broadcast saw a couple of HQ’s into each other and the wall and Bob was once again required to pick his way through the action.

The replay shown that the #22 went around before sliding up the track with the #16 being taken out.

The restart led viewers back to Bob Hepburn and a good look into the boot of a car in front of him as the boot lid wouldn’t stay closed.

John Agosta was listed as the leader and he must of felt really happy to be there instead of the pack that at times resembled a game of pinball.

When the camera action went back to Bob Hepburn, he was again witness to aggressive driving as the #51 of Paul Bongiorno was sent spinning in front of him and sent out onto the grass.

Paul taken his car to the pits for repairs where a metal bar was needed to do some quick work but the bar wasn’t big enough for the job and the call went out for a bigger bar which it was really was to fix the left side, a baseball bat was then called for the other side of the car before the #51 got back underway.

The restart with four to go saw John Agosta continue being the leader and the field calmed down for a couple of laps.

Lap 13 of 14 saw Bob Hepburn once again in the action as he was once again bumped into the grass but once again he got through and raced on.

The final lap saw John Spencer in the #24 start to lose it on the backstretch before he lost control and spun towards the inside line and into the path of Bob Hepburn.

Luck was again on Bob Hepburn’s side as he just got through

John Agosta in his #4 won the race by almost two car lengths.

For those who like their action and commentators having a great time then this race is for you.


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