Fords in SCA

July 19 2019

Stock Cars Australia (sponsored by Wyadra Brewing) has until recently been unsuccessful in attracting Ford owners to race in the series.

This is going to change as there are at least two Fords being a possibility to enter the series.

The first Xfinity entry will be the Roush Fenway Racing built #16 Ford Mustang now driven by Scott Nind.

The first Australian NASCAR Ford is expected to be the #41 recently purchased by Michael Heppleston and this particular Ford was raced by Gene Cook and spent years taking people for rides around Calder Park Thunderdome.

As it stands there are two Silverados, one Chevrolet Monte Carlo and one Holden Commodore in the series with two additional Chevrolet Silverados, one Chevrolet Monte Carlo, one Ford Mustang and one Ford Thunderbird possibilities of racing at least one round this year.

If all the cars manage to hit the track in either Round 4 or 5, this will take the total to four OzTrucks (Chevrolet Silverados ), two Chevrolet Monte Carlos, one Holden Commodore, one Ford Thunderbird and one Ford Mustang.

A total of nine cars and if the Dodge ever makes a return that is a possible ten vehicles, a very impressive total of possible entries.

The search is still on for AUSCAR entries and there is room for GTA racers and additional OzTruck and NASCAR owners to race in the series.


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