Stock Cars Australia – Round 3 Results

July 9 2019

Round 3 of Stock Cars Australia’s 2019 season was held last weekend at Winton.

SCA partnered up with the Speedway Category making it an eleven car field.

Race 1 was won by Brett Mitchell in the #8 with Zac O’Hara finishing second followed by Michael Heppleston in 10th and Robert Marchese’s race ended after 9 laps.

Race 2 was won by Brett Mitchell with Zac O’Hara again finishing second with Robert Marchese finishing third and Michael Heppleston finishing in 10th.

Race 3 was another Brett Mitchell victory with Michael Marchese finishing second ahead of Zac O’Hara with Michael Heppleston finishing in 10th in his FJ Holden.

Zac O’Hara published his times around Winton displaying his Practice, Qualifying and Race 1, 2 and 3 best times.

Practice – 1:11.3
Qualifying time –  1.09.3
Race 1 – 1.07.1
Race 2 – 1.06.8
Race 3 – 1.07.1

The difference between Practice and Race 2’s time of 1:06.8 is 4.5 seconds which shows that Zac O’Hara really got going as the weekend went on.

Word on the street is that another Chevy Monte Carlo may be joining the field when Round 4 takes place in Sydney Motorsport Park.

Interest is rising in the series with Michael Heppleston moving from his FJ Holden to a Ford Thunderbird sometime in the future and two additional OzTruck’s may appear later on in the series.

Round 5 at Winton will not be a case as second verse same as the first as the SCA field will be tackling a bigger track layout.

That’s a wrap of all the action at Winton, don’t forget to check out the Stock Cars Australia page for all your needs and swing by and visit World of AUSCAR on Facebook.


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