Stock Cars Australia 2018 results

November 21 2018

The Stock Cars Australia season is over and whilst it was a short season it was still a close one.

Michael Coulter is series champion after grabbing 136 points, Steve Coulter came second on 124 points followed by Shane Harris on 120 points.

Michael Coulter was the best OzTruck runner, Shane Harris was the best GTA runner and Trevor Crisp was the best NASCAR runner.

Michael Coulter – 136
Steve Coulter – 124
Shane Harris – 120
Trevor Crisp – 95
Zac Ohara – 77
David Hender – 66
Brian Walden – 66
Graham Booth – 58

Zac, David and Graham did not score points at Winton and it would of been interesting to see if the championship order would have changed if all three scored points.

The total number of cars (7) and trucks (2) were used during the season was nine with Brian Walden driving both the #24 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and the #63 Pontiac Grand Prix.

Dodge, Chevrolet and Pontiac made up the manufacturers over the course of the season.

So now attention starts to go towards 2019, there are cars for sale for around $35,000 this includes OzTrucks, GTA’s and even a couple of NASCARs

If you already own one perhaps it is time to take it out to Winton etc and try your luck, the racing is fast and it is clean so there is a small chance of having a wadded up car due to multi car accidents.

AUSCAR’s can even join the competition and we know there are AUSCARs out there in running condition and there have been cars selling for just over $10,000 and even cheaper with this ex Daryl Speers AUSCAR¬†going for just $8500.

If you want to know more about the series, visit Stock Cars Australia on Facebook and drop them a line.


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