1999 – Australians in Winston West

In 1999, three Australian NASCAR drivers travelled to Motegi, Japan to race against Canadian, Japanese and United States drivers in an official Winston West Series (later K&N Pro Series West) race.

Terry Wyhoon (#25), Neville Lance (#28 instead of his usual Australian number of #14) and Kim Jane (#27) were Australia’s hopes in the race at Motegi.

There were two different broadcast of this race with the Australian broadcast paying attention to Wyhoon, Lance and Jane whilst the American broadcast shown little of the Australian three.

The local version surfaced on YouTube on April 25 2020 whilst the American version was online until the YouTube channel was taken down.

Terry Wyhoon’s day at Motegi ended on Lap 18 with an engine failure and was interviewed on Speedvision (later SPEED), Neville Lance kept going but was later out with a blown engine and Kim Jane had a far different race to the other two.

In his #27 Chevy, Kim started the race in 15th position but by the Lap 61 Top 10 update, he was in 9th position.

Meanwhile the field around him started to have engine problems with several strong competitors ending up behind the wall and out of the race.

With almost nine laps to go, Kim got ringside seats to a show of aggression when Scott Gaylord was spun out by Brendan Gaughan and ended up hitting the wall hard.

A further caution ended the race when John Metcalfe whacked the wall coming off turn 2.

Kim Jane finished the race one lap down in eighth position whilst Neville Lance finished 23rd in his Ford and Terry Wyhoon in his Ford finished 29th out of the 30 runners.

Neville Lance would return to Winston West in 2001 and scored a Top 10 finish at Irwindale.


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