Southern Thunder

We love finding Australian NASCAR or AUSCAR memorabilia, sometimes on eBay you put in a driver’s name and NASCAR, something comes up, for example a $50 AUSCAR hat.

Last week was Terry Byers’ turn to be searched for on eBay and a 45 titled Southern Thunder popped up.

The above picture is on the cover of the single and the song is written by Zac and Tony Dale with Zac doing the singing and playing.

The song is about the car’s journey from the United States to Australia, being a Junior Johnson team car, it had an advantage over the majority of the Australian assembled cars, it must be remembered that Terry Byers was threat in the early years and did win a couple of races.

Southern Thunder is truly a song about the car, it even mentions Calder Park Thunderdome, it is perhaps the only song to ever mention the Thunderdome, the composers may have overstated car speed (400km/h) and crowd size, but it is a good one.

It was worth the $20 to buy this 45 and now a copy sits on the computer to be played every now and then to remember a car that graced the Thunderdome in the early days of the sport in Australia.

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