Ford vs. Holden in SCA

November 1 2022

The race is on.

Ford vs. Holden is alive in Stock Cars Australia competition as Lukas Gates and Troy Perichon have announced that they will be the first two AUSCAR competitors in the history of the category.

Both have beautiful cars, Lukas has the #22 Holden Commodore and Troy has the #6 Ford Falcon, the same one that helped start Ford’s time in AUSCAR back in 1988 (and sometimes mistakenly listed as the 1988 champion).

One AUSCAR starting would have been great for the category, two is nothing short of wonderful.

How would they go with everybody on track? Not sure but we get to see these cars more than usual and it has the potential for more cars to join the competition in 2023.

Hooray for AUSCAR.


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