The #27 is at Bathurst 2022

October 5 2022

Just days after the #27 was raced at Sydney Motorsport Park, the car was taken to Bathurst and its now ready to take part in Repco’s 100 years celebration.

For those who don’t know the current history of this car, it belongs to Zac O’Hara who runs Stock Cars Australia and it is raced around twenty times a year depending on the Stock Cars Australia schedule.

But Zac’s name and the car’s usual paint scheme is not on the car this week, it is Kim Jane’s name and Repco sponsorship on it as Kim previously drove the car to great success from the mid 90’s to the start of this century in either Bob Jane T-Marts or Repco colours.

The Repco sponsorship is what Kim Jane raced the car in for the last couple of races before action ceased at the Thunderdome and the era that started at the Thunderdome in 1988 was halted at Albert Park in 2000.

Stock Car racing did resume as V8 Stock Cars in 2001 and 2002 but Kim Jane and the #27 did not participate in it so the car looks exactly like it did at Albert Park in 2000.

Kim Jane was recently reunited with the car at Calder Park Thunderdome and had taken the car around the facility though not at the speed that it used to go around the Thunderdome at.

It is not the only winning Stock Car at Bathurst’s National Motor Racing Museum as George Elliot’s #55 is across the hall from the #27 so visitors get double the Stock Car enjoyment, perhaps the two cars will be side by side in the near future before the #27 is whisked off to its next race.

Rain is expected to fall on Bathurst for the race weekend but hopefully people will see the car all nice and dry just outside the circuit that it raced on in 1998 when it finished behind the #34 of Russell Ingall (that #34 car is also in Stock Cars Australia as the #17).

Hopefully visitors take the Stock Cars Australia stickers and posters near the car and then become interested in the category because the action is great and the vehicles always look fantastic.


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