AUSCAR’s cut laps at Sandown

April 10 2022

Two AUSCAR’s cut laps at Sandown yesterday as they prepare to enter the series run by Stock Cars Australia.

Lukas Gates in the #22 Holden Commodore returned to Sandown for the first time in almost a year and improved greatly on the #22’s best 2021 time by clocking a fastest lap of 1:27.7889 and was the twentieth fastest car out of the fifty-two that had a run.

Troy Perichon arrived at Sandown in the #6 Ford XF Falcon that was the first Falcon to win an AUSCAR race and later spent two decades out of action, this was Troy’s first run in the AUSCAR.

Troy’s early laps were around the 1:53.4565 mark but times improved over the day to finish with a time of 1:45.6879, the car ran a total of fifteen laps with Troy stating “For a race car that hasn’t seen bitumen for 20 plus years it drove like it come off the track yesterday“.

The #48 (formerly #77) Falcon and the #26 Commodore are both expected to join Stock Cars Australia in the future to bring the AUSCAR total to four with a couple of others on the series wish list.

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