2022 Stock Cars Australia Fixture

December 18 2021

Zac has delivered drivers and fans an early Christmas present, the 2022 Stock Cars Australia Fixture.

Hopefully no COVID issues and no rain for Round 1

Five rounds, three different tracks (four if the SMP configurations are different) and two states are currently planned for the 2022 season.

Round 1 – Sydney Motorsport Park on February 18 and 19
Round 2 – Wakefield Park on May 7 and 8
Round 3 – Winton – June 10 to 12 (non championship)
Round 4 – Sydney Motorsport Park on October 1 and 2
Round 5 – Winton on November 19 and 20

Three rounds will be part of the AMRS action and that means the possibility if it is allowed to (covid rules) happen of races being streamed on YouTube so people around the world can watch it to get their fix of Australian Stock Car action.

There’s so much to wonder about 2022 such as the following;

Will we see the introduction of AUSCAR in SCA?
Who will be the first AUSCAR entrant in SCA?
Who will be the first Ford Stock Car or AUSCAR to enter?
Will we see the largest amount of Stock Cars in a race since 2002?
Can Corey Gurney win a race in his #43 Pontiac GTA after getting so close in 2021? (He can)
Can Brett Mitchell take more wins off Stephen Chilby? (He can)
Can Robert Marchese and Danny Burgess win a race? (They can)
Who will be the best of the Stock Cars?
Will we be seeing the return of long absent drivers?
Who will be the 2022 SCA Champion?

We will start finding out some of the answers in just 62 days time so make sure you mark your calendars and always hope that covid is manageable enough to get the year underway and the season fully completed.


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