The last Thunderdome round?

December 14 2020

Australian Stock Car history is complicated, a lot of information has been lost as the internet wasn’t really big in 1999/00 with magazines providing the majority of results.

It has been said for some time that Neville Lance won the last Thunderdome race in his brand new Ford Taurus, Neville win the first race of the round but he did not win the last one.

Video of the 1999/00 season opener takes place after Neville won the race as you hear the commentator say ‘our last race winner’, what we do know about that race is that Tony Southwell hit the wall hard and was hurt and George Elliot had mechanical issues.

The first race shown is a ten lap reverse grid race which ended in a thriller as Terry Wyhoon narrowly held off Kim Jane.

Twelve cars lined up for the last race of the round and it was action aplenty as Terry Wyhoon and Eddie Abelnica got together with an angry Wyhoon marching to the #9 pit and had to be pulled away before anything bad happened.

Neville Lance and George Elliot collided on the backstretch sending both cars towards the walls and Gene Cook went for a spin through the grass.

Kim Jane won the race with Mark Harrison in second, Ken James in third, George Elliot in fourth and Gene Cook in fifth.

So it was Kim Jane who won the last race at the Thunderdome and for those who like their trivia, Tony Southwell won the last Calder Park (circuit) race when the Stock Cars raced under the V8 Stock Cars banner in the Power Tour during the 2001 season.


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