Greatest Australian Stock Car Driver (1988 – 2001) Poll

Who was the greatest Australian Stock Car Driver between 1988 and 2001?

In our poll, we take the all championship winners and see who is judged to be the best and before anyone gets upset the below is just a brief rundown of each abilities not a complete biography.

Robin Best was the first man to win a championship (1989/90), he was also the first to win two championships in a row (1989/90 – 1990/91), he was also the only man to win a championship in a Ford and the only man to win the championship with two different manufacturers.

George Elliot was the second to win a title (1991/92) and he did so without winning a race which is hard to do, he raced for the majority of Stock Cars 1988-2001 run in Australia and was competitive throughout the years, he may also be the only Stock Car driver to ever appear on Australian Story.

Max Dumesny won the 1992/93 championship and finished second in the 1993/94 season, he done this whilst winning on dirt before, between and after Stock Car races, Max continued to race Stock Cars for many years and continued on his successful ways especially on dirt.

Barry Graham won the 1993/94 title by 18 points and he could of had two as he previously fell short in the 1989/90 season by just one point (795 to 794 points) crowning Robin Best champion, he also became known in America after getting into business with Richard Petty and like Max Dumesny he was really good on dirt.

Brad Jones won five AUSCAR titles in a row and then decided to give Stock Cars a full season go and he ended up winning that title too before he went on to race in Super Tourers and V8 Supercars.

Jim Richards could drive anything and in 1995/96 he won the title in a Pontiac, the only driver to do so and he almost won an AUSCAR championship but lost the 1988 title to Tony Kavich by two points.

Kim Jane dominated the sport from the 1996-97 season until the start of the 21st century, he had competition against the likes of Jim Richards, Terry Wyhoon and Dean Wanless, the opposition had great starts but Kim always found a way to reel them in.

Andrew Miedecke was the 2001 champion, he won over 60% of the races that season but was challenged by Tony Southwell, Dick Howe and George Elliot for his wins and if the 2002 season was completed it would of been likely that he would of been a back-to-back champion.


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