The view from the #711

February 28 2020

Have you ever wanted to check out a video of Stock Cars Australia in action?

Now you can thanks to the on-board camera belonging to James Burge, James has put Race 4 on YouTube for everyone to get a good look at from his point of view.

James had a mixed weekend up until this point, he had problems with the Power steering pump, a rear axle and damage to the front corner across the first three races.

The Stock Cars Australia teams worked together to make sure that he would make it to Race 4 and that fact shows prospective entrants that they would be joining a friendly series of people willing to give you every chance of racing instead of packing up early and trudging off home.

In this video you will see James starting 6th alongside Danny Burgess in the #7 with Robert Marchese in the #84 in front of him and Corey Gurney beside Robert in the #43.

Behind James was Zac O’Hara in the #27 Stock Car and Michael Heppleston in perhaps his last drive in the #48 FJ Holden and Stephen Langley in his BA Falcon.

James steadily picks off those in front of him but he was made to work for every position, he eventually passes defending champion Brett Mitchell for second place allowing him to start chasing down leader Stephen Chilby with a couple of laps to go.

You will see brake lockups, you will see cars and OzTrucks getting loose, you will see them right on the edge of the track.

If you don’t know the results of the race, we won’t tell you the results but what we can tell you that it is an exciting race and hopefully one that will keep you interested in the series long into the future.


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