The dominance of Holden

Yesterday was the day it was announced that the Holden name was making its full exit.

Holden gave Ford fans lots of misery in AUSCAR, sure Jim Richards won the first Holden vs Ford AUSCAR race when he won in his XF Falcon but after that it was slim pickings for the Blue Oval.

Holden dominated every season except for the last one when Ford man Leigh Watkins broke through to win the championship and denied Holden the clean sweep.

Tony Kavich started the run when he won the 1988 title and then Brad Jones took over and won the next five to make sure that Holden was the choice of manufacturer on both oval track and road course.

General Motors also dished out the same sort of punishment in Australian NASCAR as they raked in championship after championship, they would of swept the lot had it not been for Robin Best from Tasmania who swapped his Chevy for a Ford and won a title the year after winning it in a Chevy.

Allan Grice raced a Holden Commodore in Australian NASCAR and took home some wins ensuring that no matter the brand, the General won and a Holden stayed in Australian NASCAR until the very end.

But don’t worry Holden fans, Stock Cars Australia has a very fast and very nice looking VT Commodore in its ranks and it will be back in action in Round 2 of the 2020 season.


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