A Thrilling HQ Race

December 16 2019

Bob Hepburn a couple of years ago uploaded on YouTube a couple of the HQ Holden races that were run at the Thunderdome.

We’ve already written about one of them where he got the Channel Ten camera put in his car and the action followed him with cars either knocking his car onto the grass or trying their best to collect him in the their wrecks.

But this video is different, this is an in car camera video but it is not a broadcast, viewers of this video are taken for a thrilling ride.

We don’t know how many laps there are, there are no information boards, no commentary just all the racing action as Bob Hepburn experienced it.

This video would of been a great seller to those who want some fast and close racing action because it has it all.

If you want to see great saves, this video has it.
If you want to see close racing, this video has it.

You will see a wreck, you will see HQ’s bunched up like a Cup Race at Daytona, you will see great saves, you will see backmarkers changing the shape of the race and you will see plenty of passes.

As said earlier, it would of been a great seller had the racing been live in the YouTube era because prospective racers would of seen it and wanted in, who wouldn’t?

Watch this video and then watch the others, you will enjoy it.


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