Australian Stock Car Championship WA Trip – 1999/00

December 3 2019

The Australian Stock Car Championship (formerly Australian NASCAR) made only one trip to Western Australia and that was for the 1999/00 season.

Long time Stock Car driver and Speedway veteran Barry Blake put the round together and brought 19 other drivers with him to take on Barbagallo Raceway.

Eddie Abelnica won Race 1 which ran for twelve laps ahead of Andrew Miedecke in the #85 with Kim Jane third in the #27.

John Dennis in the #57 went around for a spin but was able to get going again, Bob Middleton went out in the #85 followed by Graham Crawford spinning in the #16.

Eddie’s victory was his first in the category and he may be the only one to win a race in Sportsman, AUSCAR and Australian Stock Car Championship categories in Australia.

Race 2 was another twelve lap race and John Dennis went for a spin and unlike Race 1 he couldn’t get going again and Allan Lecter in the #58 was off the track too.

Kim Jane was a shock exit from the race as mechanical issues forced the #27 Repco sponsored car to roll to a halt.

Eddie Abelnica and Paul Stubber got together with the #9 Melbourne’s Cheapest Cars sponsored machine ending up facing the wall costing Abelnica a fourth place or better finish.

Andrew Miedecke won the race ahead of Neville Lance in the #14 and George Elliot in the #55 with Paul Stubber finishing fourth and Gene Cook in fifth, it was Andrew’s first win in the series.

Race 3 was a thirty lap race and it was starting to get very dark at Barbagallo as the sun was setting and there were no lights at the track.

Tony Southwell and Graham Crawford separately went off the track on the same corner and the commentators noted that it was car #17 followed by #16 that went off and then George Elliot went off at the same place in the #55 and had he been #15 it would of been a #17, #16, #15 lineup.

The race it was comfortably won by Eddie Abelnica with Paul Stubber in second, Kim Jane in third, Neville Lance in fourth and Bob Middleton in fifth.

Neville Lance won the round after finishing his races in fourth, second and fourth ahead of Andrew Miedecke who finished second, first and eleventh and Paul Stubber who finished ninth, fourth and second.

The round was uploaded onto YouTube on April 25 2020, before this viewers had to have a look at pieces from a Melbourne’s Cheapest Cars video.



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