#27 seen on RPM

March 27 2019

Viewers on last Sunday’s episode of Channel Ten’s (WIN in largely rural areas) show RPM may of recognised something familiar halfway through the show.

RPM went on down to Awesome Automotive to check out the currently being restored Ford F100 of Barry Du Bois (he’s on TV’s The Living Room).

Those of you who know their Stock Cars Australia will know that Awesome Automotive is on the #27 Chevrolet of Zac O’Hara as it is where he works.

Viewers will see part or all of the #27 in almost every shot, there are plenty of other cars to look at during the segment too and you get the idea of how big in size Awesome Automotive is too.

Hopefully all you need to do to watch the segment is to just click on the link below, click on the play icon and watch a few ads, if it doesn’t start just before the segment please skip to 26 minutes.

It sounds like there may be return visits to Awesome Automotive and perhaps they’ll have a play with the #27 which would be a major boost to SCA as such a segment would be passed around the internet.

We’ll just have to wait and see.


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