The #27 lives on

March 14 2019 (updated January 23 2019)

Australian NASCAR fans in the mid to late 1990’s saw the #27 Chevrolet Monte Carlo driven by Kim Jane dominate the category by winning several championships in a row.


But did you know that the #27 is still running and in competition?

The car that graced the Thunderdome and other courses from the 1995/96 season to the end of the Power Tour era continues clock up mileage to this day.

After it dominated racing in the mid to late 90’s, it was purchased by Rusty French who continued on the car’s winning tradition by winning a V8 Stock Car race in 2001 followed by two in 2002.

The car was then purchased from Rusty French by Zac O’Hara, Zac not only drives the car in Stock Cars Australia but he also runs the series after taking over from Brian Walden.

Gone is the yellow paint scheme with the blue Bob Jane T-Marts sponsorship but the car looks really good with its black paint scheme with the sponsorship of Awesome Automotive and associated sponsors.

The car has been racing for several seasons in Stock Cars Australia and it is expected to run for many more as Stock Cars Australia is a safe but fast racing series in Australia.


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