Stock Cars Australia 2019 Fixture

December 27 2018

While a lot of Australia were putting in their last pre-Christmas work hours or trying to buy a last day present on Christmas Eve, Stock Cars Australia wheeled out their 2019 Fixture.

Five rounds are on the cards and word on the street is that their will be Fords on the track to make things interesting including an ex Xfinity Series Mustang.

Round 1 is on February 2 & 3 at Wakefield Park (MRA)
Round 2 is TBA
Round 3 is on July 6 & 7 at Winton Motor Raceway. (Super Trucks)
Round 4 is on September 28 & 29 at Sydney Motorsport Park (AMRS) 
Round 5 is on Nov 16 & 17 at Winton Motor Raceway (AMRS)

While Round 1 is pretty close from now, the rounds are pretty well spaced out and hopefully that means

Zac O’hara is working hard to make Stock Cars Australia a great category, the series is cheap to buy a car and enter ($40,000 or less for most examples) and there is a selection of Trucks, NASCAR, AUSCAR and GTA cars to choose from.

Further details can be found at the Stock Cars Australia National Series page


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