Stock Cars at Wakefield Park

September 1 2018

Stock Cars Australia raced at Wakefield Park last week in a field that also comprised of Super Sixes, V8 Utes and Outlaw V8’s.

The cars faced a weekend of varying weather conditions including rain which made the track greasy especially for the three races on Sunday.

The OzTrucks are the dominant vehicles of the category and they taken out all the races, though we have seen the GTA’s able to close up on them as a race goes on.

The field was kept busy through the weekend as the cars of the other categories put up a challenge ensuring that there was plenty of passing.

Car numbers appear to be healthy with six NASCAR and GTA cars and two OzTrucks racing throughout the weekend.

Three of the four races can be watched on YouTube allowing fans and the generally curious to have a look at the action.

October 26 to 28th will be the next round at Sydney Motorsport Park, if you have a GTA, a NASCAR, OzTruck/CWTS or an AUSCAR and you want to race contact Stock Cars Australia Australia to find out details on how you can participate.


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