Unicorns and NASCAR

Depending on who you ask, NASCAR in Australia is either building back up on road courses or any attempt to get somewhere is about as likely as a Unicorn going on by your house.

Time to time the idea of some sort of gathering at the Thunderdome is raised and it gets a variety of responses from enthusiasm to jokes about getting their on Unicorns and Magic Carpets down to the Thunderdome.

It’s not too farfetched an idea, sure you can’t drive on the thing but if organised right you could use that giant infield to display as many AUSCARs, NASCARs and Sportsmans as possible, have a reunion and a BBQ and have a nice day.

Or you could choose any sports oval or show ground in the nation and do the same thing as above, if people can haul their classic cars around to shows held on sports ovals then it is not impossible for a AUSCAR/NASCAR/Sportsman owner to do the same.

A new rumour is apparently  going around that the Thunderdome is being considered to be used for the Supercars to make an event like the Xmas 500 but with guest racers from the United States to replace the Sundown 500 enduro.

Does anyone remember the last time they put a bunch of non Supercars racers in the cars and raced on the Gold Coast? Accidents were happening all the time and most teams were out of the race before the first corner of the first lap.

A counter thought is that what if they did make the Thunderdome satisfactory and combined the  road course with the oval they could do things like the 1987 Calder Park 300 but who knows what amount of work is required to make that possible.

Of course for those who want something that does not require Unicorns, there is always Stock Cars Australia as they are most definitely real and are looking to get better with time.




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