Looking for AUSCAR/NASCAR?

NASCAR season is over in America and so there is nothing to do between now and February when Daytona comes along.

Stock Cars Australia are wrapping up their season this weekend and the competition has gained popularity throughout the year especially NASCARs are appearing (the ex Kim Jane car for example).

Three drivers have cars that come under ‘Stock Car Class’, Three come under ‘GTA Class’ and six have raced under the ‘Ute Class’.

The points gap in all three classes are six, six and eight points respectively so it will be an interesting conclusion to the season.

It will be interesting to see what happens next year, if more NASCARs are entered it would not only boost the field but also raise interest in the sport.

Time to time there is thoughts of AUSCARs joining the competition, there has been some word that regulations make it tough but maybe things will work out and we’ll be seeing AUSCARs doing laps.

Things are on the up, sure it isn’t the Thunderdome but it is something and to get somewhere you got to have something to start with.


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