Marshall J Brewer

Marshall J Brewer is one of the best known drivers in AUSCAR history, he raced in the category for many years and was the 1994/95 champion becoming just the third person (Tony Kavich and Brad Jones were first and second) to win an AUSCAR title.


His early races at the Thunderdome were in a yellow coloured Holden Commodore and his race number provided Neil Crompton the opportunity to make one of his quips when Kim Jane’s #7 went by.

Marshall’s first win came at the Thunderdome in a 110 lap race on May 5 1990, records are incomplete between 1995 and 1999 but he also won a race at Adelaide listed on YouTube as being in 1998 and another at the Thunderdome when driving the Falcon.

He drove both a Commodore and a Falcon in AUSCAR with his greatest success being in the Commodore when he won the title in 1994/95.

Marshall also raced in Australian NASCAR for several years racing in cars sponsored by the likes of Pennzoil and was a very easy car to spot on the track particularly at places like Bathurst and Albert Park.

He won the Round 4 race of the 1998/99 season after holding off George Elliot by under three car lengths.

In late 2017, two of his cars were put up for sale, the NASCAR is a Monaro bodied car with Pontiac bumpers, grills etc and the AUSCAR is his #02 Falcon.

AUSCAR’s raced


NASCAR’s raced

1994/95 AUSCAR Championship

Race Wins (still being researched)

5/5/90 – Calder Park Thunderdome (110 laps)
1998? – Adelaide International Raceway


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